Culinary Microgreens

Culinary microgreens are an exquisite selection of young, edible leaves and stems, harvested at their peak of flavor and nutritional value. These tiny greens are cultivated from a variety of vegetables and herbs, each selected for their unique taste, aroma, and powerful nutritional value.



Learn how you can start incorporating our delicious
Microgreens into your meals today!

  • Pick

    Select from our range of microgreens. Choose between one week, two week or one month delivery schedule. Allow two weeks for germination, planting, growing and harvesting time. (after your first order, deliveries will be based on your chosen schedule).

  • Ship

    After subscribing, we cultivate and harvest your first batch for peak freshness. Shipped via USPS Priority in a temperature-controlled box, they arrive ready for your meals. Enjoy them in various dishes for added flavor and nutrition.

  • Repeat

    You'll get a notification to adjust your subscription—pause, cancel, or add microgreens. You have 24 hours to make changes before we lock in your order for cultivation. Your chosen microgreens are then grown to order, ensuring freshness and customization. Repeated weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Our Mission

Farm to Forage cultivates high-quality microgreens for chefs, home cooks, along with specialized blends for health and wellness. We balance health & sustainable practices with a mission to give back by donating a share of profits to animal rescue non-profit organizations.